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    10 familiar things that make your look tasteless

    In the modern world, the number of images that designers and stylists come up with and then recommend for use is growing exponentially every season. Few people can be surprised by the combination of the incongruous and the mixing of styles, but the rules of fashionable “safety” should not be neglected even in relation to the […] More

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    The first thing you saw in this picture will reveal the most striking trait of your character.

    Everyone knows that the conscious and the unconscious are in constant interaction and influence each other. We at blossomideasworld prepared a test that will reveal your personality traits using your subconscious mind. Look at the picture, and then find below the meaning of the object you paid attention to first. Christmas trees You tend to dominate, you […] More

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    This 4-question test will tell you who you really are.

    Today blossomideasworld prepared one small but quite accurate personality test for you. To get through it, you need paper, a pen, and your imagination. It is best to answer without hesitation the first thing that comes to mind. So, make yourself comfortable, turn off logic for a while and imagine that you are swimming in a […] More

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    13 photos proving that there are only 2 types of girls (Warning: you may find yourself in a couple of pictures)

    The term “dichotomy” means the division of a whole into 2 opposite parts. Dichotomous thinking is characteristic of the human brain. It helps us to classify, evaluate and analyze the world around us. So it’s not surprising that we are increasingly dividing people into just 2 groups for almost any reason: from the way we squeeze out toothpaste to the […] More

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