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    Every Girl Should Know These Hair Hacks!!!

    In case you want bangs which look nice, put together and with full looking, you only need to tease the bangs only in the root and apply hairspray. After you finish doing this, pass slightly with the hair brushes to make them equal. If you want a fish braiding, here you are a trick. Gather […]

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    What Causes Water Retention And How To Avoid It!!

    Edema is the second name for condition called water retention. This condition may result with a lot of health issues, and most of them are serious. This is mostly associated with women. And retention of the liquids is linked with pregnancy or with menstrual cycle. Physical activity is the key term for this condition. In […]

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    5 Secret Facts About Kissing

    A first kiss, a kiss that rises Sleeping Beauty, a kiss to save Snow White from her death, a mother’s kiss on the forehead before sleep… kisses are what keep our hearts pumping. They are the most universal expression of love and affection. There are so many forms of kissing as well, to show the […]

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    Many women have a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome, otherwise known as PCOS, without even knowing it. Often times, candidates with PCOS experience irregular periods and increased facial hair and acne, particularly in the chin, lip, and sideburns. This is the result of a hormone imbalance, and that often — but not always — PCOS […]

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    75 times creeps got exactly what they deserved

    Creeps. Unfortunately, they’re everywhere. They can stalk you at any time, be it on the street, restaurant, or the internet but it’s up to you to decide how will you react to their advances. Creeps usually aren’t very subtle about what they want which makes it easier to give them the taste of their own […]

  • 35 Creative People Who Came Up With Impressive Designs


    35 Creative People Who Came Up With Impressive Designs

    You never know when a spark of genius is going to hit you. That’s what happened to these people. They took creativity to the extreme with their cool new designs. Some of the individuals used their creativity to complete innovative architectural and art projects. Others simply used their creativity for fun. For example, the man […]

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