100 beauty secrets that have stood the test of time

Women just need to look great, and in order to highlight their beauty, they are ready to spend a lot of time on clever makeup or perfect manicure. But sometimes you really want something quick, simple, but damn effective. Here’s to “crack-packs” – and we are already a little more beautiful.

blossomideasworld has prepared 100 proven beauty secrets for you that won’t take much of your time.


  • You can curl your hair with an elastic band: wind your hair on it for a couple of hours or overnight – and you’re done!
  • Comb your hair from roots to ends. This will help give them a natural shine.
  • Shadows, the shade of which matches the color of the hair, will help to hide the overgrown roots and visually make the hair thicker.
  • Always be ready to explain and show the hairdresser what result you want to get: bring her or him magazines, photos of the desired hairstyle, haircut or hair color.
  • A zigzag parting will also help to make the overgrown roots less noticeable. Due to the fact that light, falling on an indirect hairline, is refracted, the border between colors becomes indistinct.
  • To get rid of loose hairs, spray your hair with hairspray, and on top, smooth the unruly hairs with a mascara brush.

  • Protect your hair from the sun, and remember to wear a hat or tie a scarf.
  • To prevent hair loss, sleep on a silk or satin pillow. If you use another fabric, then it must be 100% natural.
  • To visually increase the volume of hair, sometimes it is enough just to change the parting.
  • To avoid tangles, use a wide-toothed comb, especially when your hair is dry.
  • Dry shampoo or baby powder is used to make the hair less greasy at the roots. Apply the powder to the roots and your hair will look clean throughout the day.
  • This advice definitely pulls on the opening of the decade: here’s how to properly use invisibility.
  • For self-dyeing hair, do not choose a color that is too unnatural. It is better to take a shade that is as close to natural as possible – this way the imperfections will be less noticeable.
  • Sulfate-free shampoos are safer for the health of your hair.
  • But if you actively use hairspray and hair gel, then at least once a week wash your hair with shampoos containing sulfates to wash off the remaining silicone (mild sulfate-free shampoos will not cope with this task).
  • Dampen your hair with tap water before going to the pool or the sea to protect it from damage.
  • Use seawater to preserve curls all day long after curling. 1 tsp Stir sea salt in 0.5 liters of mineral water and pour it into a spray jar – the salt will fix the curls.

  • It is best not to wash your hair with too hot water – it can lose its shine.
  • When wiping your hair, do not rub it too hard – because of this, they become brittle and break easily. Sometimes it is advised to use a soft cloth, such as an old T-shirt, instead of a hard towel.
  • Head massage is a procedure that will accelerate hair growth and help prevent hair loss.
  • To keep the braid looking neat, apply some styling mousse to your hair.
  • To give your hair extra volume, start blow-drying with hot air from the roots.


  • Before plucking your eyebrows, soften the skin by blotting it with cotton wool soaked in warm water.
  • Pluck eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.
  • It is not necessary to draw the entire eyebrow, it is better to add volume and paint over the places where the hair grows sparsely.
  • When dyeing eyebrows, do not use the sharp tip of the pencil, but run the pencil flat. This will make the line less sharp.
  • For unruly brows, try applying hairspray to a mascara brush and brushing against and against the growth of the brow hair.
  • If you don’t have time for full-fledged make-up, dyed up eyebrows will already greatly change your look.


  • To make colored eyeshadows or crayons look brighter on your eyes, apply a white crayon first.
  • Keep your head straight when applying mascara. When you tilt your chin, the mascara hits your eyelid.
  • Mascara on the lashes of the lower eyelid makes this area darker and visually makes the eyes smaller.
  • To make a straight line of arrows, use a plastic bank card or any convenient cardboard.

  • To make the eyes appear more “open”, apply some golden shadow to the eyebrows to make them lighter.
  • The eyeliner will stop smudging when you apply a slightly darker shade of eyeshadow.
  • For a softer, everyday look, try using brown mascara instead of black.
  • Use your ring finger to apply creams and foundations in the under-eye area to minimize pressure on the skin.

  • To visually enlarge the eyes, apply a white pencil close to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid.
  • At the same time, a dark pencil will visually narrow and reduce the shape of the eyes.
  • Also, a white pencil gives the eyes freshness and vigor.
  • To prevent the skin of the eyelids from getting dirty when you paint your eyes, use a regular cardboard or business card.


    • o bring broken shadows back to life, grind them, add a drop of alcohol, stir and compress. They are as good as new!
    • Place the covered mascara in a glass of warm water for a couple of minutes to warm up and the mass of mascara becomes homogeneous. This will help avoid clumps.
    • If you apply baby powder to your eyelashes and apply mascara on top, your eyelashes will appear thicker and longer.
    • If you are having trouble drawing one straight line with eyeliner or eyeliner, try 3-4 small strokes from the middle of the eye line instead.
    100 секретов красоты, которые прошли проверку временем
    • For a versatile look that looks great both day and night, mix dark eyeshadows with lighter ones (such as brown and creamy shades).
    • If the mascara is dry, drip some jojoba, avocado, or apricot kernel oil into it.
    • Using a Q-tip and foundation, you can save the smudged arrows.
    • During cold weather, it is better to use waterproof mascara, as the eyes watery in the cold.


    100 секретов красоты, которые прошли проверку временем
    • Use a foundation, not concealer, to hide imperfections or redness.
    • Don’t touch your face unnecessarily. The bacteria on our hands can cause acne breakouts.
    • Monitor the condition of your makeup brushes. They should not be left dirty, periodically rinse them with shampoo or dishwashing detergent, and place them on a paper towel to dry quickly. The quality of makeup and the condition of your skin directly depend on their purity.
    • A brush case can be made in 5 minutes: you will need a bamboo napkin, a wide elastic band, thread and ribbon.
    100 секретов красоты, которые прошли проверку временем
    • To clean your makeup brushes quickly and effectively, mix 1: 1 olive oil or mineral oil and dish soap. Rinse brushes with water after using the product.
    • Blow away excess powder or blush from the brush before applying makeup for a more even makeup.
    • Concealer can help hide bruises under your eyes. However, the dense strokes right under the eye will only highlight the flaws. Apply the concealer in a triangle and gently blend it with your fingers.
    • Never press on pimples – you can damage tissues, infect an infection, or leave a small scar.
    • Apply the blush to the cheekbones towards the hairline.
    • The skin color on the wrist is different from the skin color on the face, so it is preferable to test the foundation on the neck.
    • Often, by evening make-up, we mean bright and shining colors, but in everything you need to know when to stop. So, the emphasis should be on one thing: if you strongly highlight your lips, then make your eyes more “calm”.

    • To relieve puffiness of the eyes, rinse them with cold water every morning or rub the skin around the eyes with an ice cube.
    • Remember to moisturize your skin throughout the day. Always carry a cream or spray with you. Especially true on hot days.
    • To get rid of bags under the eyes, it is best to store the face cream in the refrigerator.
    • If there is inflammation on the skin, apply an ice cube to this place – then the problem area will become less noticeable.
    • If you overdo it with perfume, wipe your neck and wrists with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.
    • Healthy skin starts with a healthy diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits, try to limit your intake of sweet and fatty foods.
    • Microwave the body lotion (for 5 seconds) – a warm lotion soothes dry skin better, especially in winter.
    • For a perfect bath, pour the bubble bath right under the tap and then turn on the water, and add a drop of perfume after you’ve drawn the water.

    • Dry and hot air of the sauna, steaming, contributes to the rapid elimination of toxins from the body.
    • To make waxing more effective and less painful, tighten the skin before waxing, and after the procedure, wipe off excess with a cotton swab dipped in baby oil.
    • Do not epilate immediately after showering – wait a little for your hair to soften.
    • The most natural body scrub is ground coffee! In addition, his smell is simply incomparable.


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