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7 Proofs That “Simpleton” Bridget Jones Will Easily Wipe Up Any Personal Growth Coach

Back in 2001, the movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary” was released. The comedy was a screen version of the novel by British writer Helen Fielding. The story of a 32-year-old unmarried woman who now and then finds herself in ridiculous situations has won the hearts of millions of spectators. The heroine of the film, tired of the fact that others are trying to control her personal life, keeps a diary in which she honestly tells about everything that happens. Honesty is the main and most important quality of a storyteller.

This year marks 20 years since the release of the first film about Bridget Jones. We at  blossomideasworld believe that the heroine we love is not as simple as it seems at first glance. And that’s why.

Bridget knows how to deal with negativity

Holy of Holies Bridget Jones – her diary – gave the title first to the book, and then to the film. And it is not surprising, because the heroine trusts the diary with all her innermost thoughts. For example, she describes how annoyed she is with Mark Darcy. The sublimation of negative energy and detailed recording of moments of happiness help Bridget to remain cheerful and easy-going: she leaves all her worries on the pages of her diary.

Psychologists even call this behavior “the Bridget Jones effect. ” According to their observations, describing our feelings in detail helps to overcome emotional disorders and makes us happier. Moreover, according to psychologists, this effect works regardless of whether you keep a diary, write poetry, or even just write down lyrics to express your negative emotions. The only important thing here is to pour out your soul.

She is not afraid to set goals.

Having suffered another failure at a New Year’s party at her mother’s house, Bridget formulates goals that she wants to achieve next year. Making New Year’s promises has been a widespread tradition since  antiquity . According to one study, nearly half of the participants who made general New Year’s decisions (for example, quitting bad habits) were more successful in achieving them than those who decided to change their lives at other times of the year.

By the way, the example of Bridget clearly illustrates that the important conditions for fulfilling the New Year’s promises are their  concreteness, attainability and limited time. Compliance with these principles will help you achieve your goals.

Bridget knows how to dress appropriately for the occasion

To play Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger gained almost 9 kg. The actress was helped by costume designer Rachel Fleming to complete her transformation into a heroine . Thanks to her efforts, we remembered Bridget for her  “carpet dress”, bunny costume and breathtakingly short skirts. But is her style ridiculous?

Bridget is not shy about going to the office in an extreme mini and a spicy blouse. She chooses this outfit when she thinks she likes her boss Daniel Cleaver. The rest of the time, Bridget prefers cozy pink sweaters and skirts of quite conservative lengths. All these outfits emphasize the femininity of the heroine.

At the official event – the presentation of a new book by her publishing house – Bridget is simply unrecognizable. She is wearing an elegant black dress, hair pulled back, low-key makeup, neat manicure. The heroine celebrated the New Year’s corporate party in a modest black blouse in  oriental style. It turns out that Bridget is not so hopeless – at least when she is not trying to live up to someone’s expectations.

Another memorable outfit is the dress prepared for the New Year’s celebration by the heroine’s mother. Bridget herself dubbed him “carpet”, and Mark Darcy, after meeting, gave the girl an unflattering characterization, stamping at the end: “She dresses like her mother.” And no wonder: their costumes clearly belong to the same era.

Ready to take risks and change my life

32-year-old Bridget Jones has been working in the advertising department of the publishing house for almost 10 years. Such a serious professional experience suggests that the heroine is focused on a career and does a good job. She tries to balance her personal and professional life, but it is difficult for her.

The moment we are introduced to Bridget, she is going through a period of professional stagnation . Work is no longer fun, there are no prospects. Therefore, the impulse to quit, provoked by resentment against Daniel Cleaver, seems quite logical.

Fun fact: To help Renee Zellweger transform into Bridget, the filmmakers found her a real job at a London book publisher. The actress got a job there as an intern in the advertising department. Rene answered phone calls, photocopied and made coffee. No one even suspected who the new employee really was.

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