This 4-question test will tell you who you really are.

Today blossomideasworld prepared one small but quite accurate personality test for you.

To get through it, you need paper, a pen, and your imagination. It is best to answer without hesitation the first thing that comes to mind.

So, make yourself comfortable, turn off logic for a while and imagine that you are swimming in a warm and clean ocean.

  1. You are diving to admire the seabed and its inhabitants when suddenly you see a mermaid. What color is her tail?
  2. But the mermaid isn’t the only one who caught your eye. A fish swims next to her. What is she like? Dangerous and aggressive or, conversely, calm and harmless?
  3. You dive even deeper and at the very bottom, you notice a shell. What does this sink look like? Flat and smooth, or, for example, tapered with curls?
  4. Finally, it was time to head back to land. You swim to the shore and find yourself on the beach. How many people do you see there?

Memorize or write down your answers. Ready?

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